Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

It was a bitter-sweet day on June 2, 2016 when I left my position as an elementary literacy coach and reading interventionist in North Minneapolis. While leaving a school I have called home for nearly four years was difficult, I am incredibly excited to head back into the classroom as a first grade teacher. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned from the K-12 Reading License program at Hamline University and the Minnesota Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute at the University of Minnesota. I’m especially looking forward to setting up my new (tiny) classroom. After reading a post about flexible seating, I’ve decided to give it a try. I will write about my experiment with flexible seating towards the end of summer.

Here are some “before” pictures of my new classroom. My school has open classrooms and I will be one of four teachers in the first grade pod. I grew up in Apple Valley, so open classrooms are not new to me as a student, but they are definitely new to me as a teacher. Teaching in a room with two walls missing will definitely be an adjustment, but I’m sure I will manage just fine. I’ll be busy with my summer courses, but hopefully I’ll find some time to post some progress photos.

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